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We offer a full featured professional hosting service complete with free support to help you build and maintain your Web Site.

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When choosing a company to host your website you need to know that the server your site is hosted on is fast and reliable and monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Also you want support from people who understand web site desgn so if your site does not work as it should help is on hand.

We use industrial strength web server equipment for performance and reliability located in a UK shared data centre with round the clock monitoring. more>

We offer free support via your control panel, email & telephone and as web designers are able to quickly find the fault when pages you have designed do not appear as they should. more>

Account Space Monthly
Secure Server? mySQL? Allowed Traffic

50 MB







150 MB







300 MB







1000 MB






Standard Features:

Commercial Web Space more>
FREE Same Day Set-up more>
Microsoft FrontPage Extensions more>
24 hour FTP access more>
Unlimited E-mail Aliases more>
E-mail Virus Protection more>
Your own local CGI-bin more>
CGI Scripting in Perl & C more>
PHP 4 Scripting more>
Server Side Includes more>
Server Side PGP Encryption more>
Password Protected Directories more>
Web Based Control Panel more>
Web Site Statistics more>
Customised Error Pages more>
30 Day Money Back Guarantee more>
Free Technical Support more>

Starter Account £35 annually

50MB UNIX Disk Space more>
5 POP3 Mailboxes more>
5 MRAs more>
5 Autoresponders more>
500MB Monthly Data Transfer more>

Ideal starter account for a small site, includes all the standard features and can be upgraded at a later date.

Gold Account £6.95 monthly £69 annually

150MB UNIX Disk Space more>
10 POP3 Mailboxes more>
10 MRAs more>
10 Autoresponders more>
1000MB Monthly Data Transfer more>
mySQL Database Server more>
SSL Secure Server more>

More space and monthly data transfer. Also the ability to receive secure transactions and it's database support make this a popular choice.

Pro Account £9.50 monthly £95 annually

300MB UNIX Disk Space more>
20 POP3 Mailboxes more>
20 MRAs more>
20 Autoresponders more>
2000MB Monthly Data Transfer more>
mySQL Database Server more>
SSL Secure Server more>

For the larger site attracting more traffic. Also with the secure server and mySQL database server this account is ideal for the professional Webmaster or Web Designer.

Advance Account £18.50 monthly £185 annually

1000MB UNIX Disk Space more>
Unlimited POP3 Mailboxes more>
Unlimited MRAs more>
Unlimited Autoresponders more>
5000MB Monthly Data Transfer more>
mySQL Database Server more>
SSL Secure Server more>

Even more disk space and monthly data transfer, also unlimited POP3 mailboxes, MRAs and autoresponders.

Features Explained

Commercial Web Space

Disk space on the Internet Servers where you store your Web Site files and e-mails that your domain is mapped to.


FREE Same Day Set-up

We do not charge a set-up fee and aim to set-up your account within minutes of your order (normal office hours).


Microsoft FrontPage Extensions

With the option of Microsoft FrontPage Extensions you can develop, manage and publish your own web site with ease using Microsoft FrontPage.


24 hour FTP access

You can can upload files and make changes to your site any time of the day or night using an FTP program or the built-in publishing feature of your web design software.


Unlimited E-mail Aliases

Receive e-mail to any address at your domain i.e. Set-up separate POP3 mailboxes up to the limit for your account using your control panel. You can also set-up unlimited e-mail forwarding.


SPAM Filtering

Unsolicited commercial email known as SPAM is the Internet equivalent of junk mail. Our mail servers use a world wide database of known spammers to filter out e-mail sent from them.


E-mail Virus Protection

Computer viruses distributed through e-mails can cause untold harm to all unfortunate enough to receive them. Our mail servers scan your emails for known viruses alerting you to the danger before damage is done.


Your own CGI bin

For use with our pre configured scripts or for any of your own. You can add any of our pre-configured scripts using your control panel, and any other script using an FTP program.


CGI Scripting in Perl & C

CGI scripts are small programs that run on the server to add interactivity to your site, your account is equipped with its own CGI directory, allowing you to install and develop your own CGI scripts. We support cgi scripts written in Perl and precompiled C.


PHP 4 Scripting

PHP is a server-side scripting language that lets you create fast dynamic web pages.


Server Side Includes

Server Side Includes enable the addition of dynamic elements to your HTML web pages. Automatically insert dates and file information as well as calling external programs such as hit counters.


Server Side PGP Encryption

Store and handle sensitive data such as credit card information in an encrypted state. Encrypt e-mail such that only you can read it.


Password Protected Directories

Restrict access to certain areas of your web site, configure as many usernames and passwords as required. Applications include sites where membership is required to view certain content or the creation of an extranet.


Web Based Control Panel

Through the Web control Panel you can easily set-up, view and edit all sorts of features like POP3 Mailboxes, e-mail forwarding, Autoresponders, view real-time web site statistics and even submit your URL to major search engines.


Web Site Statistics

View real-time usage statistics for your web site, see how many people are visiting your site, where they come from, what search keywords they use to find you and more.


Customised Error Pages

Replace the standard uninformative error responses of your virtual server with a customised page of your choice. Encourages surfers to stay on your site when an error occurs.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our Hosting services within the first 30 days of use, we will refund your payment in full. Please note this does not include the cost of Domain Name registration. We do not charge to transfer your Domain away from us once we have received payment for the registration.


Free Technical Support

We will help you get your site up and running and keep it that way.  Your account will be activated within 24 hours of receipt of order and you will receive free 24 hour monitoring and free technical support by e-mail or phone.


Web Forwarding

For the E-mail only account you can use your control panel to forward your domain's web address, i.e., to any web address you wish. If you leave this blank anyone typing in your web address in their browser will just see our default page.



Multiple Recipient Addresses (MRAs) route e-mail messages to more than one e-mail mailbox on your account. E.g. you could set-up an address that routes any messages sent to it to and MRAs can be created and configured via your control panel.


Autoresponders reply to incoming e-mail instantly and automatically. You can set and change the text of the reply and the trigger address whenever you like. Autoresponders are ideal for customer service or informing people when you are away.


Monthly Data Transfer

Each time a page on your site is accessed data is transferred. All responsible hosting companies set limits on data transfer to stop access to the files on their servers slowing down. Data transfer can be monitored through your control panel, should you exceed your limit, you may be asked to pay a small surcharge or upgrade your account. As an average page may be less than 50KB, including graphics, even our Starter Account with 500MB data transfer allows for thousands of accesses per month.



mySQL is a powerful database engine designed to provide fast access to stored data.


SSL Secure Server

SSL (Secure Socket Layer). If you have a Gold, Pro or Advance account you have access to a shared secure server that you can use on any file or script on your site when you need to collect sensitive data such as credit card information. Top^

The Servers

We use industrial strength web server equipment for performance and reliability including Intel Pentium and Sun Sparc based systems. All servers have dual processors, dual 100Mbit Ethernet adapters, a minimum of 1 gigabyte of memory and a server grade mainboard and chipset. Storage is spread across multiple Ultra 160 SCSI hard disk drives using Adaptec RAID controllers.

The equipment is located in a UK shared data centre with round the clock monitoring. The servers have direct access to the highest capacity broadband IP network in the UK. Bandwidth to the server racks is presented on two gigabit fibres from independent routers creating a network with no single point of failure.

Each server has two identical hard disk drives, should the primary drive fail, the secondary unit can take over the work load with no loss of availability. To prevent accidental data loss all data is backed up each night, backup tapes are stored off the premises.

Each server has battery and propane generator backup systems to make sure that your site stays available even in the event of a power failure.

Backbone performance is constantly monitored, sending IP traffic down the shortest path using the Cisco BGP4 protocol.




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